Author: Avi Gabbay

Social Engineering Exреrt: How you’re thе Hасkеr’ѕ Greatest Tооl

Social engineering, in the context of information security, refers to psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information.
This allows a hасkеr tо obtain infоrmаtiоn in a nоn-thrеаtеning manner.
Sосiаl еnginееring can bе uѕеd fоr реrѕоnаl gain, other thаn divulging information. All tоо оftеn in tоdау’ѕ ѕосiеtу, social еnginееring is bеing uѕеd fоr dubiоuѕ rеаѕоnѕ, so a hасkеr can obtain sensitive personal аnd/оr соmраnу infоrmаtiоn. This hаѕ nоw bесоmе a rеаl thrеаt to the ѕесuritу оf уоur еmрlоуееѕ, confidential сliеnt infоrmаtiоn аnd соmраnу rесоrdѕ аnd/оr bаnking infоrmаtiоn.
There are many ways Social Engineering can be used to gather private information without you realizing what has happened until it is too late.
1.       Phishing email – the hacker will send many emails to various companies using “fake” resumes or other information that would be clicked on to open. When the user clicks to open the resume or other attachment, it releases ransomware into the system that can lock data up by infecting the computer so it becomes inaccessible and demands a Bitcoin ransom.
2.       Olympic Vision – This is a fairly new way to gain access to needed information. The employee will receive an email that will appear to come from the CEO requesting private information about past and present employees resulting in private information being stolen and exposed.  Other scenarios can manipulate an employee to send money to an account controlled by the hacker.
3.       Business Email Compromise (BEC) – In this scenario, the hacker gains access to the employees’ company email. They then impersonate the employee who is generally an executive who has authorization to approve monetary transactions and designates others to write checks or transfer funds on their behalf.
The following tips will help avoid these serious email compromises.
Educate your employees to identify compromised email scams, be sure your bank has security for unauthorized transactions, never give out confidential information, use strong passwords and never use the same password twice.
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Don’t Be Fooled by “Fake Microsoft” Phone Scam!

It starts in one of two ways – most of the time, the phone rings and it’s someone claiming they are from Microsoft and have noticed that your PC has multiple infections, or is indicating there are errors that are somehow alerting the caller of their existence. Sometimes, it’s a pop-up alert on your computer screen notifying you of “problems” with your PC and providing a phone number to call.

Either way, you’ve just been hit by a scam. How you respond to it may make the difference between you spending hours undoing the damage to your credit and changing all of your passwords, or you enjoying a nice latte, smug in the knowledge that the bad guys didn’t win today.

Microsoft will NEVER contact you personally to notify you of something wrong with your computer.

First, let me say Microsoft will NEVER contact you personally to notify you of something wrong with your computer. They are way too busy working on programs for the latest, greatest gadgets and software that will do things you don’t even know you need yet. And, if there is a problem with one of their programs, most likely there is a “fix” that will be coming through on the next Windows Update.*

So, now knowing that, the best response to these scammers is to simply hang up. And don’t worry about being rude by ending the call quickly…they’re already dialing the next number to see if they can find someone else.

However, if you – or one of your family members – does engage in a conversation with a phone scammer, do not give them any personal information or download any programs they may be sending you. The moment you turn over control of your PC, these scammers start downloading programs that actually harm or lock up your files, and also have complete access to your personal information. While you’re looking at your screen, which by now will be showing warnings and alerts that they’ve created to make it seem as though your machine is infected, they will be telling you how they can get rid of the viruses for just a few hundred dollars. And, for a few hundred dollars more, they try to sell you a “protection plan” against future malware attacks.

The telephone scammers can be quite persuasive. Numerous reports have come in from PC users being verbally abused by the scammers pressuring them into purchasing something they don’t need.

The thing to remember is that these scammers are playing on your fears. If you had not noticed anything out of the ordinary on your PC prior to their phone call, more than likely your computer was operating normally. If it already seemed sluggish, or you had annoying little issues taking place, whatever the phone scammers can offer won’t help. Either way, their program will make things worse than before.

This malicious game of downloading “scareware” onto the computers of the unsuspecting has been going on since 2008, with former members of the Microsoft Partner Network – chiefly from India – preying on unwary customers in the U.S., Great Britain, and Australia. According to The Guardian newspaper of London, the fraudulent activities started “from call centres based in Kolkata, by teams believed to have access to sales databases from computer and software companies.”

According to recent statistics cited by David Finn, Founder and Executive Director of the Digital Crimes Unit and Microsoft Cybercrime Center, there are nearly 400 million victims of cybercrime each year, costing consumers roughly $113 billion per year.

Disproportionately, those targeted by the scammers are aging baby boomers. While Microsoft is aware of the problem, and with the help of local, federal and international law enforcement agencies, has prosecuted those perpetrating the crime, “It’s better to avoid being conned rather than try to repair the damage afterwards.” (

The good news is that, should you find yourself at the mercy of one of a telephone solicitor claiming to be a technician from Microsoft, or Google, Apple, or Samsung, more than likely your files can be retrieved by a qualified local technician and your computer restored to a time prior to the malware download.

For more information, contact the technical experts at PSeeSolutions at (614) 454-3890 or, or visiting

* Stay tuned for an upcoming post on why you should or should not allow Windows Updates to run automatically.

Kriss Galloway is a computer technician at PSeeSolutions, located at 138 E. Main St., New Albany, OH 43054. Talk to any one of the technical experts at PSeeSolutions by calling 1-614-454-3890, or visiting

Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

Is it FREE to upgrade to Windows 10?

If you have a genuine copy of Windows 7 (SP1) or 8.1 installed on your PC, then, yes, it is free to upgrade to Windows 10. You already may see prompts to upgrade when you are on your PC. If you have Windows XP or Vista however, then you will need to pay for the upgrade.

What benefits will Windows 10 give me?

Windows 10 has a clean and user friendly interface, putting right many of the aspects that were greatly disliked in Windows 8. Not only will Windows 10 give you the ease of using apps, Cortana, and other up-to-date features, it is also an excellent platform for gamers, with many convenient new features.

Are there any bugs?

While there may be the odd glitch that appears, Windows 10 has been tried and tested and is quite solid. Some users report a smooth upgrade, while other call us with random issues that the upgrade breaks. Within just 4 weeks of it’s release, a reported 75 million devices were running it.

 So, Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

The good news is that it is relatively easy to downgrade back to your old operating system if you do not like the new Windows 10. Just be sure to keep back ups of all your data before upgrading or downgrading, and you will be good to go. Between this, and the fact that it is free for the majority of Windows users to upgrade, yes it is worth upgrading.

 Are there any downsides?

The decision to upgrade becomes a little more tricky for those who are running old software and hardware, for example Windows XP users. This is where you may find that you have paid money to upgrade, but you are unable to do things you used to do such as use certain printers and scanners. If you are using an older PC with an older operating system, then more research and thought is required as to whether or not it is best to upgrade.

 Will it fix my current corrupt Operating System? 

No, it will not. if your current Operating System is not working properly or infected with a virus, the errors and problems will carry over to the upgraded Operating System.

Can you do it for me? 

Yes we can. You can bring us your computer to our shop located at 138 East Main Street, New Albany, Ohio 43054 and we could upgrade your system if it meets the requirements.

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