Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

Is it FREE to upgrade to Windows 10?

If you have a genuine copy of Windows 7 (SP1) or 8.1 installed on your PC, then, yes, it is free to upgrade to Windows 10. You already may see prompts to upgrade when you are on your PC. If you have Windows XP or Vista however, then you will need to pay for the upgrade.

What benefits will Windows 10 give me?

Windows 10 has a clean and user friendly interface, putting right many of the aspects that were greatly disliked in Windows 8. Not only will Windows 10 give you the ease of using apps, Cortana, and other up-to-date features, it is also an excellent platform for gamers, with many convenient new features.

Are there any bugs?

While there may be the odd glitch that appears, Windows 10 has been tried and tested and is quite solid. Some users report a smooth upgrade, while other call us with random issues that the upgrade breaks. Within just 4 weeks of it’s release, a reported 75 million devices were running it.

 So, Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

The good news is that it is relatively easy to downgrade back to your old operating system if you do not like the new Windows 10. Just be sure to keep back ups of all your data before upgrading or downgrading, and you will be good to go. Between this, and the fact that it is free for the majority of Windows users to upgrade, yes it is worth upgrading.

 Are there any downsides?

The decision to upgrade becomes a little more tricky for those who are running old software and hardware, for example Windows XP users. This is where you may find that you have paid money to upgrade, but you are unable to do things you used to do such as use certain printers and scanners. If you are using an older PC with an older operating system, then more research and thought is required as to whether or not it is best to upgrade.

 Will it fix my current corrupt Operating System? 

No, it will not. if your current Operating System is not working properly or infected with a virus, the errors and problems will carry over to the upgraded Operating System.

Can you do it for me? 

Yes we can. You can bring us your computer to our shop located at 138 East Main Street, New Albany, Ohio 43054 and we could upgrade your system if it meets the requirements.

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Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

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